Kimberly Ross, Co-Founder

Dance4Events Co-Founder, Kimberly Ross, knows firsthand from over 20 years in the commercial banking industry how important it is for people to activate their bodies after sitting for hours listening to conference presentations. Recognizing the need for a quick, fun way to energize conference attendees, Kimberly utilized her many years of dance and fitness training to create the unique Dance4Events “Event Energizer” team building activity with her husband Dance4Events Co-Founder, Ted Ross. Through simple movements of the body, participants become happier, more alert and focused. This space of personal joy is where the greatest possibilities can be realized by each participant.

Ted Ross, Co-Founder

With international ballroom dance champions as parents, Dance4Events Co-Founder, Ted Ross grew up knowing the value of connection through ballroom dance. Having taught, competed and performed for over 25 years in the United States and abroad, Ted is a master at building connections through dance and movement with clear, easy-to-follow instruction so that everyone has fun while they participate. When people find it easy to learn, they become more confident in their abilities. Ted and Kimberly truly put the “fun” into the “fundamentals” of learning how to dance!

By combining Ted’s seasoned dance experience with Kimberly’s exuberance and extensive business acumen, Dance4Events is committed to ensuring that our clients’ needs are met in a professional, timely and enthusiastic manner.

At Dance4Events, we are dedicated to delivering fun and excitement for your next event!